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Disabling can be so enabling.

Turn off distracting features and focus on watching videos.

Formerly known as YouTube Options (YTO).


Options lets you control the way you watch video online. Hide ads and annotations; change resolution and display size; disable auto-play; loop and replay videos; activate keyboard and mouse controls; download all available versions of the media*; and much more.
Options is a $1.99 per month subscription. Read all about why we are doing this.


Subscribe for your license now.


* Read about the limitations of Windows Chrome.


120+ options
Change video size and quality
Hide in-video ads, annotations, and closed-captions
Disable auto-play, auto-buffering, DASH
Change playback volume, codec, and speed
Use mouse to set size, volume, forward, or rewind
Modify appearance—hide components, set background colors, dim the page
Hide or change player control colours
Create RSS links
Download media
Change tab icons
Create settings profiles
Modifies 14 different sites