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Stumped?  We can help.  View trouble-shooting techniques and suggestions.

Try these first

Try purging browser cache and all cookies.

Disable any other extensions that modify YouTube in any way.


Try these next

Still showing “unregistered” after subscribing

Please try disabling and re-enabling the extension to resolve this issue.

If that does not help, try removing your email registration address, hitting return, re-enter your registration email address, hit return.

Please remember that your registration email address is case-sensitive and not necessarily the same as your PayPal email address.

After that, please contact support with your PayPal “Automatic Profile ID” (it should look something like “I-1WW2XX3YY4ZZ”).

YouTube performance is stuttering, stopping, slow or otherwise sub-standard

This is not an issue with Options, but we’ve gathered some info and suggestions that should help improve performance.

YouTube audio doubling up

We have found that to be a browser bug.  Purging browser cache and all cookies has helped some users.

The “Full version” has been disabled by Google Chrome

Sadly, this the world we all live in now.  Good thing we have a work-around for you.

Video downloads are not working

Here are some suggestions and additional information that may help.

You want MP3 downloads

Sorry, we don’t offer that.  Here’s why.

Looking to get a license

You can get one here.  Unsure about the worth?  You can apply for a trial license here.

Looking to cancel a license

You should do that using your PayPal account.  You can also read about your subscription on the Subscription information page.  If you are unable to do it using your PayPal account, please make sure to send us your PayPal “Automatic Profile ID” (it should look something like “I-1WW2XX3YY4ZZ”).


Try these last

Contact us and ask a question.

Look for annoying details in the manual.