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All client relations are confidential.

There will be no selling, borrowing, loaning, giving, renting, looking-the-other-way-on your information.

During your visit to this web site, we do not collect any personally-identifiable information about you that you do not specifically volunteer.

This web site does, however, automatically collect certain non-personally-identifiable information about you, such as your browser type and the IP address that your ISP designates to your machine and/or proxy and/or firewall. This is standard practice for web sites, and is not used for any purpose other than to evaluate how we can design the site to best serve your needs. This information is not sold, borrowed, loaned, or rented to any third parties (see above).

This web site does not use or eat or serve cookies.

This web site does not use ad servers.

This web site does not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals because we don’t track you.