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Opera install

Note: Your browser should already be downloading Options.  If it has not: download now.

Note: This version of Options is being installed from our server. It is not being installed from the Opera add-ons store because they have not been great about posting current versions since March 2018.

Note: Minimum requirement is Opera 15+.

Install: After you see something similar to this:
Opera warning that extension did not come from store
you must:

  1. Select the “Go To Extensions” button
    While using Opera, go to the “Opera” menu and select the “Extension” menu item.
    While using Opera, go to the “View” menu and select the “Show Extensions” menu item.
  2. Find “SPOI Options (Full Version)” and select the “Install” button.
    select install button
  3. Select the “Yes, Install” button from the popup-menu.
    select another install button

License: you can subscribe for a license now, or apply for a trial license.

Uninstall and Update: please see the Opera section of the manual.