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Important information for Chrome users with the “Full Version” install

Chrome browser changes

The bad news

Due to policy changes made by Google, as of May 13, 2015 Google Chrome will no longer permit any extensions to be installed from outside the Google Web Store:

What does this mean?

If you are using any of the official Google Chrome browsers (Stable, Beta, Developer, Canary, or Chromium) your install of the “Options (Full Version)” extension will cease to function.

This affects current Windows and macOS versions of Chrome and does not apply to Linux (yet).

What are your options?

If you do not need the ability to download videos and media, please make sure to install the Web Store version.

What if you need the “Full Version” functionality?

We have some unsupported tutorials for macOS and Windows.  Please read them entirely to understand what is required before attempting.

What if you need the “Full Version” functionality but the above instructions were too difficult or impossible?

You have the following options:

  1. Use the Opera browser  —  Download
  2. Use the Firefox browser  —  Download
  3. Use the Safari browser  —  Download
  4. Use a Chrome browser derivative*.

We suggest using Opera or Firefox instead of Safari, as they have better ad-blocking functionality than the Safari version.  Opera is nearly identical to Chrome and is updated frequently.

* We do not suggest using a Chrome browser derivative.  While there is nothing to suggest that they are insecure or not of impeccable quality, there are too many of them for us to test or condone.  Google is the primary developer of Chrome, so their patches and updates are going to be most current in their browsers.  Important and timely security updates may be missing from a Chrome browser derivative.

In summary

All of the official Google Chrome browsers will no longer allow the installation of the “Options (Full Version)” extension on your Windows machines as of May 13, 2015, or macOS machines as of July 2015.

We have no control over this. It is something that Google implementing, not us.

Development of Options will continue.

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