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Opera install

Note: Your browser should already be downloading Filter.  If it has not: download now.

Note: This version of Filter is being installed from our server. It is not being installed from the Opera add-ons store because they have not been great about posting current versions.

Note: Minimum requirement is Opera 15+.


  1. While using Opera
    OSX: go to the “View” menu and select the “Show Extensions” menu item.
    Windows: go to the “Opera” select the “Extensions” menu and select the “Show Extensions” menu item.
  2. Find the SPOI_Filter_1.8.XXX.crx download file in your downloads folder and drag it onto the Opera “Extensions” window/tab you opened in step 1.
  3. You may need to find “SPOI Filter” and select the “Install” button.
    select install button
  4. Select the “Install” button from the popup-menu.
    select another install button

Uninstall and Update: please see the Opera section of the manual.