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We are trying to make the world a better place.

Why Give to Charity?

Options was created in 2010 with a simple goal in mind — to make YouTube better.  And it did.
Filter was created in 2012 with a similar simple goal in mind — to make RSS news better.  And it did.
Now we want to make the world better.
By taking 100% of our profits and donating them to worthy charitable causes, we give the Options and Filter community a greater purpose.  To us, there is no stronger motivating force than making a difference in someone’s life.  Than leaving the planet better off than we found it.  Than strengthening the communities we live in and those we will likely never even see.
We realized that we’re not driven by a desire to make money.  We’re driven by a desire to give money.  So we used Charity Navigator to evaluate numerous organizations, and for 2020 we have chosen to donate to:
These non-profits have a global presence and deep roots in the local areas they serve.  We’re proud that the money we donate will go toward providing assistance to communities in crisis, preventing depletion of priceless natural resources, and protecting and preserving wildlife.
We plan to support different organizations each year and we welcome your suggestions.


How do I know part of my subscription is going to charity?
100% of net profit (the amount that remains after we pay things like PayPal fees and hosting costs) will be donated to our chosen organizations on a yearly basis.
Can I claim this as a charitable donation on my taxes?
Unfortunately, not at this time.  SPOI is not structured as a non-profit entity and there is currently no simple way to align payment directly with each charity.  We will continue to explore options that may give us greater flexibility in the future.
Who have you helped in the past?