Instructions for the mechanically challenged:
the 96 trunk light

today, we will add the trunk light to the 1996 gti vr6. as with my instructions with how to get rid of the 1996 drl's and add the euro-switch so that you can do all the cool light configurations, these instructions are applicable for MY 1996 - so if your car is different and has 10 of everything that i point you at, then dont complain and bug me. start off by getting the two parts that are needed: 1H0-947-113 LUGGLIGHT $9.25 N-017-725-2 BULB $1.85 i went to the dealer close to me and they had them in stock and knew exactly what i was talking about. of course you can call timmons and im sure that they will be more than happy to ship them to you asap (they really are quite cool). take the bulb and put it into the LUGGLIGHT, or "lens." nothing difficult about that. open your trunk. gently pull back the carpet behind your left tail light. you might have to pull back the siding that is right beside it as well. this is NOT A BIG DEAL. pull back the panel behind the tail light enough to see the clusters of wires going into the light. you should see a clip holding all the wires together nice and neat, and an unused plug. yes, an unused plug, just sitting there, waiting to be used with a $12 trunk light. you might have to unclip some of the wires to get enough slack for it to reach the mounting. this is NOT A BIG DEAL. take the plug and insert it into the trunk light lens. it only goes in one way, lucky us - no drilling, cutting, or crimping. the light should come on. the mounting for the light/lens is located under the left side runner (that piece that is flush with the lid when its down). look under there and you will see a place for your light. pop it in place. gently put the carpet siding and cover back to the way that they were. you are done. it should take about 10 minutes, no more. there is nothing scary about any of this, so dont worry. if you have questions, please write me. be well, go well..