instructions for the mechanically challenged:
installing the "whipple" motor mount

today, we are going to install the "whipple" motor mount. it helps with shifting and stuff. i would give a better description of it but i cant. i just changes the feeling of too many things - in a good way. as with my other instructions, these instructions are applicable for MY 1996 - if your car has fifteen of everything that i tell you to look for because your car was made on tuesday instead of friday, dont bug me. this is a FYI only. though i would be more than happy to answer any questions about unclear instructions. without even looking at the instructions, i was going to have a motor-head friend do it for me (thinking it the install was probably beyond me and my limited abilities - its one thing to add a light bulb or pop out a fuse, but messing with the motor is black magic). as it happened, my friend flaked me and i was itching to try it out so i looked at the instructions and then i looked under the front of my car.. the hardest part of the whole install was finding the correct tools. literally. tools you need: 13mm wrench (or pliers if you are cheap) 8mm allen wrench loctite (if you want) a towel to lay on while you are under your car (if you want) what to look for: the motor mount is just under the front of the car. the mount comes with a diagram of what to look for. i looked for it and found it immediately. its a cup shaped thing with a whole in the bottom and three nuts holding it to the under-side of your car. [the mount cover] directions: to remove the old mount you need to be able to use a wrench. remove the three 13mm nuts to drop the mount cover. undo the center 8mm allen bolt to drop the old mount. marvel at the difference between the new and old mounts. grab one whipple donut and the big metal washer looking thing. apply loctite to 8mm allen bolt. insert 8mm allen bolt and bolt back in place. [get donut and washer and bolt] put remaining donut in mount cover and put cover back in position. [donut and cover] re-attach 13mm nuts. the new mount is a bit taller than the old mount, so the cup-thing wont fit on as flush as the old one. gently tighten each of the three 13mm nuts a little at a time until the cup is flush. all done. be well, go well..