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Safari install

Note: Options only works with Safari 5.1 – Safari 11.1.

Note: Safari 7 and greater require you to not have Block cookies and other website data set to Always.

Note: As great a browser as Safari is, all versions before Safari 9 have certain browser limitations and are not as capable at things like blocking ads. Please make sure to upgrade to at least OS X 10.11 and Safari 9 to block ads like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Depending on your settings and your version of Safari, you may need to find and open the Options download in your Downloads folder.

Install: When you see something similar to these:
safari install screenshot   mac install screenshot
you must select the “Trust” or “Install” button.

License: you can subscribe for a license now, or apply for a trial license.

Uninstall and Update: please see the Safari section of the manual.