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Safari install

Note: If you are using Safari 9+ or are on macOS 10.11+, you may need to install Options from the official Apple extensions site.

Note: Minimum requirement is Safari 5.1.

Note: Safari 7 and greater require you to not have Block cookies and other website data set to Always.

Note: As great a browser as Safari is, all versions before Safari 9 have certain browser limitations and are not as capable at things like blocking ads. Please make sure to upgrade to at least OSX 10.11 and Safari 9 to block like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Depending on your settings and your version of Safari, you may need to find and open the Options download in your Downloads folder.

Install: When you see something similar to these:
mac install screenshot   safari install screenshot
you must select the “Install” or “Trust” button.

License: you can subscribe for a license now, or apply for a trial license.

Uninstall and Update: please see the Safari section of the manual.