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Safari install

Note: Apple has stopped supporting “Legacy” extensions completely.  They have done this by choosing to no longer issue Safari Developer signing certificates.  Due to the way Safari securely installs extensions it is impossible for any extension developer to continue supporting Safari 5-11.1.  We have contacted Apple about this issue and they are unwilling to continue issuing Safari Developer signing certificates.  Because we have lots of users that are not using the most recent version of Safari, we will continue to provide the final Filter for Safari installer until it’s basic usefulness no longer seems relevant.

We have not started development on Filter for Safari 11.1+ yet.  We chose to develop a new version of Options first.  We are currently stalled in that development because we are currently trying to find a way to make the Apple App Store subscriptions work together with the existing subscriptions infrastructure so you can continue to use your Filter on any browser on any platform.  January 5, 2020.

If you would still like to install the final version of Filter for Safari 5.1 – Safari 11.1:
» Download Filter «

Note: Filter only works with Safari 5.1 – Safari 11.1.

Note: The Safari 7 version requires you to not have Block cookies and other website data set to Always.

Depending on your settings and your version of Safari, you may need to find and open the Filter download in your Downloads folder.

Install: When you see something similar to these:
mac install screenshot   safari install screenshot
you must select the “Install” or “Trust” button.

License: you can subscribe for a license now, or apply for a trial license.

Uninstall and Update: please see the Safari section of the manual.